Working with Niagara’s Development Industry to Streamline Municipal Development Approvals

During Q4 2018 Niagara Region retained the Performance Concepts & Dillon Consulting team to work with development industry stakeholders re. streamlining of municipal development approvals process (DAP).  In Niagara’s 2-tier municipal system the local municipalities, the Region and the NPCA all have important regulatory roles to play in approving residential and ICI development applications.  Economic competitiveness in Niagara is built on a foundation of affordable housing that in turn attracts talented labour from the more expensive GTA market.  It is  imperative that a streamlined development approvals process in Niagara generates a timely and predictable stream of lots/sites.

Development industry representatives at our facilitated day-long DAP improvement workshop provided plenty of sound advice/ideas on improving the current DAP model.  These ideas have been stress tested with Niagara municipalities, and in 2019 the Region will provide leadership by striking a series of DAP improvement teams where municipal staff and the industry will collaborate in the implementation of targeted process improvements.  Kudos to the industry and to Niagara Region’s development industry liaison Jon Whyte who has served tirelessly as a catalyst for continuous improvement!

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