Municipalities at Frontline in Battling COVID-19

We are at war.  The enemy is COVID-19.  So be it.  Canadian municipalities and their staff teams are serving at the front in this war.  Essential services like Policing, EMS, Water and Wastewater, Winter Control and Solid Waste Collection continue to be delivered by our colleagues, friends and neighbours.  The Performance Concepts team is humbled by their grit and honoured to serve these organizations.  Our team stands ready during this crisis to serve our clients safely and efficiently – using online technologies to ensure social isolation while still moving their projects forward.  We also understand the overriding need in some situations to get out of the way mid-project for a period of time until operational normalcy returns.  We salute our municipal clients and their staff teams that keep going to work and delivering necessary services to residents.  A special shout out to our friends and clients in the EMS community across Ontario who are preparing for the COVID wave of patients they will be tending to with their usual levels of professionalism and clinical excellence.

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