Brant Operational Review: Roads, Water/Wastewater, Solid Waste, Parks/Sports Fields/Arenas

Brant County is in the midst of profound land use/operational change.  Significant population/development growth is imminent in Paris.  Working closely with Performance Concepts, Brant’s entire development approvals process has already been reviewed and significantly restructured.  The Brant/Brantford ambulance service has also been realigned to manage upcoming growth in service demand.  Brant is now turning its attention to its core public services located in the Public Works/Operations business unit and the Parks/Sports Fields/Arenas business unit.  The objective of this major service delivery review (which began earlier this summer) is to identify service delivery performance improvement opportunities and establish maintenance based service levels/resourcing requirements required to deal with rapid growth in Paris over the next 5-7 years.  This review will ensure Council is provided with an evidence-based business case to deliver sustainable services as Brant moves forward with a decade of intense population growth in Paris and St. George.  The review will be completed the Fall in order to inform the 2019 budget.

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