Performance Concepts delivers a focused portfolio of performance improvement & change management services to Canadian municipal governments & agencies.

Performance Concepts is headquartered in Durham Region (Uxbridge ON), but has achieved Canada-wide client “reach” by creating cross-disciplinary project teams/networks with trusted partner firms. Our diverse portfolio of change management and continuous improvement services feature the following:

  • Municipal Modernization/Audit & Accountability Fund Reviews for multiple Ontario clients across 2019-2021 and beyond
  • Value-for-Money operational reviews delivered across a broad range of municipal services (e.g. Winter Control, Roads, Solid Waste Management, Fire, By-law Enforcement, Parks & Sports Fields)
  • Design and implementation of Balanced Scorecards/Dashboards and other leading edge performance measurement toolkits
  • Peer benchmarking analysis of service levels, unit costs, service delivery processes and measurable results (efficiency & effectiveness)
  • Results based business planning – integrating traditional budget data & performance measurement tools to create target-driven results based business plans
  • Council Strategic Priority Setting – a nimble 60 day methodology focuses on developing a small number of “Wildly Important Goals” that achieve must-have results for the organization; avoiding the “mile wide & inch thick” overreach problem of traditional strategic planning exercises
  • Full-cost user fee design – implementing activity-based costing fee models for Planning Act, Building Code Act, Engineering, & Recreation fees

Performance Concepts Consulting has also developed two “deep dive” consulting practices for selected Ontario clients:

Emergency Medical Services (Land Ambulance)

  • EMS Master Planning based on a suite of analytics plus a 10-year demand forecast that reflects population growth and “aging tsunami” patient demographics.  The 10-year demand forecast (i.e. patient service requests) generates a unit response/call volume forecast and required ambulance unit/paramedic resources.  Master Plans culminate in a 10-year $ operating and capital budget forecast.
  • Evidence-based Operational Reviews of EMS services in urban and non-urban settings
  • Modelling, design and implementation of non-emergent patient transportation systems in Northern Ontario and rural/remote settings across the Province

Development Approvals Process (DAP)

  • Municipal Modernization/Audit & Accountability Fund reviews
  • Organization design and DAP process streamlining – including countdown clock measurement of application processing timeframes
  • DAP portal/workflow tool configuration
  • DAP Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & Processing Timeframe Targets

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